Ashlee Tuck


I'm a young entrepreneur and started teaching yoga at the young age of 19 and I've only been teaching for five short years. In that time, I've touched so many people's lives with the pure joy and benefits yoga offers. I have taught a range of classes from gentle flow, hot yoga, restorative and chair yoga. Last year I became a Reiki Master and have since added that modality to my healing practice. 


My goal in life is to teach others to bring awareness to their bodies and practice how they feel on that day. Reminding others that yoga is about the journey not the destination.


I founded Ashlee's Crazy Yoga in 2016 and made it my dharma-drive of existence- to begin funding for a facility making yoga accessible to every kind of yogi between complex medical and mobility issues and experienced practitioner to be able to practice with confidence; to be yourself, let go of competition and judgment because we are all equal. I want to share my gift with you.