Charlie Kondor

     After years of searching for my true self, I found myself in a yoga studio taking a class with a dear friend. I had been sober for exactly 1000 days and it was in that first class that I learned how to breathe for the first time. A new Breath. 


     Over the next three years my passion for yoga has led me down several different paths. Each path, some more difficult than others, always led me to a new open-minded experience. I’ve learned how to integrate yoga into my everyday life. Mindfulness. Patience. Confidence. Love. This passion is why I teach.


     I like to draw from a variety of styles and lineages to develop my own distinctive voice as a teacher.  In my classes, I focus on strength and stability, creative sequencing and clear cueing.  I strive to create a warm, inviting and positive space free from judgment or ego.  Most importantly, I want my students to experience each pose in their own unique way. 

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