Jada Davis

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Jada Monet' (JMo) is a dancer, choreographer, and performer based in the Midwest area out of Milwaukee, WI. Since the age of 3, Jada has trained in ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap, African, and modern dance. She credits her training to City Ballet Theater, Kothi African Dance Ensemble, and Academy of Dance Arts. Jada has recently launched new dance accounts across platforms (jmodancechoreo) to showcase her dancing and choreography. In 2018, she was afforded the opportunity to perform at the Wisconsin Sports Awards. Moreover, she served as the dance instructor for Titletown in Green Bay, WI. Recently, JMo has began working with artists such as Kaylee Crossfire from the hit Netflix show "Rhythm and Flow," and ALEXA. To continue her training, Jada attends dance conventions, competitions and master classes to train and work with well known dancers and choreographers in the industry.   

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