Becoming A Master Reiki Teacher

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

I never thought I would be sitting here today writing a blog about how I became a certified Master Reiki Teacher. It all started with a brief google search about what Reiki was and if they offered trainings. Luckily people do offer Reiki certs and at reasonable prices. I knew nothing about Reiki, for me it just sounded 'cool' and I was already in love with taking my yoga teacher trainings so I assumed it would be just like one of those.

I got hooked! I found out that there were in fact 3 levels of training you can do to become a Master practitioner. It’s really exciting to continue my education so that's why I went through all of the trainings and at the end participated in as an apprentice. The apprenticeship piece is required if you'd like to use your knowledge obtained to lead teacher trainings. Doing these retrains help reinforce all the information from each level. 

During my level one training we learned the history of Reiki and that there are many forms of Reiki. We learned the Usui style of Reiki stemming down from Dr. Mikao Usui himself. I'm not going to go into a lot of details as this would ruin the experience for new students. Typically in a Level 1 training you learn how to give yourself Reiki and give others level 1 Reiki treatment.

Level 2 expands on giving Reiki and this is where you learn the first 3 symbols. This training empowers you to use your intuition and know in your heart that you have a loving intention when giving Reiki.

*Note you can only use Reiki symbols if you have been attuned to that degree

The final Master training was by far the most life changing. My brain finally put it all together. My loving teacher Colleen went into details of how to prepare a treatment and how to set up for a training so that we had our bearings. We worked on attunements of all 3 degrees and learned the basics of crystals and how to incorporate them in a treatment. 

Be on the lookout because I will be offering Reiki teacher trainings throughout the year. Click the events page to view upcoming trainings. Please share this blog post with friends and family that are curious about Reiki and training opportunities. 


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