A Letter to my Future Self

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Please read this 10 years from now and reflect on where I am in life.

I wanted to write this letter early in the morning the day after my birthday to brain dump any thoughts or ideas I had.

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a wonderful time. I taught three of my yoga classes in the morning and had the whole afternoon free to hang out and have fun. 

Kary surprised me with cinnamon rollls after my last class. He’s so sweet!

On my birthday Kary and I went to Applebee’s to grab a light lunch. Luckily they didn’t sing to me at the table but what’s awesome is being able to have my first Sangria for free! It was either a Sangria or cake. Our waiter really didn’t believe I was 21 and looked really close at my ID. The service was terrible and they never checked on us to see how the food was. After that fiasco, Kary and I went home to wait for my friend Amanda to get off work. We all went Wine tasting at Cooper’s Hawk. It was awesome and for only $7 we got to taste 16 different wines. I’m glad I got the exposure to see what I like and what I didn’t. I am definitely a fan of the sweet wines with fruity flavor. Amanda was so helpful showing me how to smell and taste. I took home a wine glass souvenir!

I ended up having an awesome 21st birthday!

I have some thoughts I want to remind myself in the future:

Future Ashlee, please stop stressing about money. Money is not happiness. Money is only temporary and happiness can be eternal if you let it. 

Future Ashlee, please stop trying to please others that are no good for you. These people don’t improve your character but manipulate your values. They make you second guess who you are.

Future Ashlee, please remember to live your best life every day. Remember to smile in the rain. Make everyday a happy memory. 

Future Ashlee, please take care of your body. Remember to excercise regularly and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Give yourself one “me” day and never overwork yourself. You are taking care of your only vessel on this Earth. 



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