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Having hobbies is a crucial part of being a well-rounded and happy human being. When you take time out of your busy schedule to pursue a beloved hobby, it gives your brain a break from all the distress of the things you have to do in life. In its place, you get a surge of eustress-- that good kind of stress that promotes creativity and makes you feel jazzed about your passions. Hobbies make you more social and connect you with people who have similar interests. Furthermore, they keep you present in the moment. When you work hobbies into your daily routine, you can carry that mindfulness with you throughout the rest of your day.


Of course, hobbies generally don’t come cheaply. Things like sports equipment, art supplies, and books cost real money. If you’re wanting to pick up a new hobby but you’re worried about it eating too much into your budget, use the following advice from Ashlee's Crazy Yoga to pinch a few pennies while reaping all the benefits of your new hobby.


Get Active


We all need exercise for both our physical and mental health. If you're looking to get fit and achieve a better connection between mind and body, consider taking yoga classes. There are many types of yoga to choose from -- from gentle yoga to vinyasa yoga -- so you can put together a routine that suits your preferences. By becoming a member with Ashlee's Crazy Yoga, you get access to unlimited classes, as well as discounts on our products and workshops.


Playing a sport is another great way to get exercise while also being social and having fun. People who play sports tend to have better teamwork and leadership skills, while the actual physical exercise controls weight and improves self-esteem. Try out a few different things, like golf, tennis, or swimming, and stick with what you really enjoy doing. If new sports equipment is needed, you can easily keep costs down by using online promo codes, coupons or cashback opportunities.


Learn an Instrument


Learning to play an instrument is a great way to add more music to your life while improving your mental and emotional health. Science shows us that musical training can change a person’s brain structure and function for the better. Music makes us more social and empathetic people. It can prevent depression and relieve stress. Furthermore, it just makes you happy to hear music, and learning to play it yourself builds self-esteem.


Instruments and music lessons can be expensive. Always look for discounts and promo codes as ways to save money on new items. When you’re just starting out on an instrument, go for a cheaper student model or buy one used, then work your way up to something nicer. Also, if you have enough self-discipline, you can find lessons online for free; however, those who get easily distracted often fare better with a professional tutor.


Arts and Crafts


If you always loved making lanyards and painting pots at summer camp, there’s no reason why you can’t take that enjoyment with you well into adulthood. Arts and crafts improve overall brain function and make you happier as a person. It also helps build self-confidence while making you a more empathetic person. There is even evidence that suggests people with chronic illnesses fare better on medical exams when they are given a creative outlet through arts and crafts.


When searching for art supplies and things to use, pay attention to the discounts available at big stores like Michaels and Joann’s. These craft stores often throw big promotions as a means to clear out stock in time to bring in what’s new. You can also search for art supplies at thrift shops and secondhand stores, but you will have a much harder time if you are looking for something specific. Of course, that can be a big part of the fun. Try making art out of found objects as a way to express your creativity without breaking the bank.


Put it to Work


One of the great things about any hobby is you can make it pay for itself by sharing it with other people. Sell crafts at fairs or in boutiques, mentor or tutor others online, or just video your processes and monetize a vlog. Remember, though, that once you start earning income, you should look into a business structure and registering with your state.


As an example, many people select an LLC since it safeguards personal assets, offers tax perks and can grow if the business takes off. And it’s super simple to register an LLC Wisconsin when you use an online service, too. Once completed, you can move forward with your new hobby business.


Hobbies make people happier and more well-rounded. Adding an activity like arts and crafts, playing an instrument, or getting exercise through yoga or sports increases the healthy kind of stress that drives people to reach their goals, but it also prevents the bad kind of stress that makes you less productive and unhappy. To save money on these things, look into promotional codes and discounts, but don’t forget that you can save a lot of money when you buy certain items used.

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