Why You Should Take Your Yoga Practice Outdoors

Hey Yogis! Quick blog post!

Yoga is great to practice in a studio but have you taken your practice outside?

Roll your mat out and go barefoot and feel the soil beneath your feet! Enjoy the fresh air and breathe fully. It is an incredibly grounding sensation that you can only experience outdoors.

Nature heals us. It helps clear our minds. When there is clutter in our homes there is clutter in the mind. Think of your body as a house. Houses require maintenance for basic upkeep and so do you! It’s called self care! Being immersed in the great outdoors helps reset our thoughts, we breathe cleaner air and receive Vitamin D from our glorious sun. We should be utilizing our beautiful Earth by spending more time outdoors, staying active and mobile than indoors in front of a screen.

Spending time under florescent lights for long periods of time affects our ability to reconnect our body and mind together. Some common claims include risk of headaches or migraines and making it harder to sleep at night. When was the last time you heard silence? Silence comes with peace. Being outside gives us peace of mind from racing thoughts. Leaving space for stillness to take place allows us to be present. When we are present we have more awareness of our body. We treat our bodies better and become less susceptible to these common annoyances from artificial light.

When enjoying time in the great outdoors consider leaving your phone tucked away. Let nature be your entertainment, let the animals that roam this Earth be your music and let the sun be your alarm clock.

Studies have shown, the average person spends typically 93% of their time indoors and only about 6% outdoors in a week. Averaging to only one full day being outdoors in a week.

We should make it a daily priority to spend at least 20 minutes outdoors to relieve stress and get a little sunshine.

Here are some benefits to practice outside:

Fresh Air

Lots of space

No boundaries

Nature is your playlist




Refuels your body from depleted energy

Clears the mind

Easier to meditate

Yoga can be practiced anywhere and at any time. Meaning you don’t need to bring a mat with you. Simple standing stretches and forward folds daily help keep our bodies limber for routine activities like picking things up and twisting the spine.

Here are some places to practice yoga:


At a park

In a forest

At the beach

In a Desert

On a boat

On the Water!

Get creative with your practice. You can practice yoga year round! Have you’ve tried Snowga? Leave a comment and let me know!


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