Work Self-Care into Your Daily Routine

Updated: Feb 19

Quick, Budget-Friendly Ways to Work Self-Care into Your Daily Routine

Blog written by Emma Grace Brown

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Self-care is on a lot of people’s minds these days; as we go through stress, anxiety, and mood disorders like depression, it’s especially important to find healthy ways to feel better. When you’re also pressed for time and/or money, it can be difficult to get into a good groove. Whether you’re a busy single parent or a professional working long hours, you need to find a routine that will work for you without breaking the bank or adding stress to your life.

To help you in this journey, explore the following quick, budget-friendly ideas, brought to you courtesy of Ashlee’s Crazy Yoga.

Tailor your routine

What does self-care look like for you? For some, that means changing up an existing diet and exercise plan. For others, it’s about finding ways to decrease stressful activities and to cope with those feelings when they do show up. It’s important to sit down and think carefully about a plan for yourself.

What do you need most? Does your mental health plan include ways to boost your physical health as well? Personalizing your self-care routine will help to ensure that you can stick with it, and maintaining it is half the battle.

Begin by addressing your schedule and where you can slide in self-care. Maybe your mornings could begin with some upbeat music, or you would prefer some quiet time for introspection. Perhaps a few minutes playing with your dog or your child would set your day up for success. And what can you change about the middle of your day, and the way you wrap it up? Maybe your lunchtime should include a reiki session, and you can do some meditation before bedtime. Think about your daily routine, from beginning to end, and how you can reshape it to better support your well-being.

Think small

Sometimes, it’s all about the little things when it comes to reducing anxiety and feeling healthy, and as Medical News Today explains, stress can impact every aspect of your life. Self-care that reduces stress comes in many forms, and it’s up to you to decide which activities will help you feel the best.

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money; something as small as going for a walk without your phone can help boost your mood and keep you feeling like you’re on top of your health. Spend time with yourself by reading a book or heading to a local museum on a free day. Switch up your social media with a supportive, feel-good app. These are the inexpensive and small details that will allow you to take control of your self-care routine.

Save time

It’s not always easy to find the time to work self-care into your routine, but you can always add a few healthy activities into things you already do. For instance, you might turn your morning shower into a spa experience with relaxing scents and some exfoliating body scrub. It won’t add too much time to your morning routine, and it will help you wake up and face the day a little easier. Or ESPN suggests practicing some yoga moves while you’re cooking. A little of the right multitasking can be a positive addition to your lifestyle!

Embrace proper nutrition

You need your vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and happy, but it’s easy to feel like healthy eating is expensive eating. Eating Well suggests a few ways to slash your grocery budget but still enjoy a balanced diet, like buying heads of lettuce instead of salad mix, and skipping meat one day each week. You’ll find that ensuring your intake of certain nutritional elements can even give you an energy boost. Little, simple changes in how you shop and plan your meals can really add up.

Finding quick and budget-friendly ways to feel better may not seem easy to do, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Think about your specific needs before making any changes, and talk to your doctor if you have questions about treatments. With a little preparation, you can change your life for the better without making huge changes.

Connect with Ashlee’s Crazy Yoga to learn more about inexpensive, worthwhile self-care methods!

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